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I'm not sure Conifersatsaid: I'd say 2 stems - it looks cleft down to ground level. Aidanatsaid: Yes, I'd say that's two fused stems.

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Bomarniatsaid: Thanks for your response! I will change it. Today the absolute lowest temperature ever recorded in Spain breaks: Such low temperatures had not been recorded in 60 years!

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Back in January 5,Pennsylvania had the state record of degrees celsius! Both are very unbelievable! When temperatures get that cold, being outside can be very dangerous.

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However, I am surprised that in the very high mountains in spain the temperatures dont reach colder temperatures?? The Iberian Peninsula is surrounded by water, which makes it more difficult for extreme cold effects to occur.

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Here the polar air masses first have to cross the Atlantic Ocean before making landfall. Also keep in mind that the weather stations on mountain peaks have been producing records for barely 60 years, in the past they must have reached much lower temperatures. Even in the rest of western Europe you only reach that low temperatures in the Alps.

BeeEnvironmentatedited atsaid: Ahh, yes, you make good points. Now I understand why some places reach such extremities in low-lying places, while higher places dont sometimes.

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Thanks for letting me know, it was very informative for me. Yes, seeing how temperature stations have only been recording for the past 60 years, the temperature semk verdienen geld online mit vivod likely was a lot lower in the past.

If temperatures reach that in the very deep of winter up that high, the climate must be pretty stable, right??

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Here in the coastal states, sometimes the weather can have very unstable results, with 32 degree celsius weather one day, and then 10 degrees the next day on very rare so farand very severe weather follows such a change usually. In Smethport PA, where the degrees celsius temperature was recorded, many weather extremities also have happened.

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I suppose its just due to its location, between a plateau and between the mountains?? For instance, the highest rainfall total in the shortest amount of time was recorded here on July 18th,in which Above is the same place less than 1 hour later!

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Sadly, 15 people died, though I am happy it was not higher, seeing how many homes were destroyed! Amazing to see how unpresidented things could happen all of a sudden. Whether the climate here is stable or not depends more on a phenomenon called the Azores anticyclone, which often blocks Atlantic storms during the summer, diverting them north this is what makes Spain so sunny during the summer.

In England for example which is much further north than Spain, its lowest temperature ever recorded is