How can i get rich quick, FÃŒr andere kaufen

Profil anzeigen Beiträge anzeigen I've started making quests to town, then I was bringing back a tournament was starting, after that I was tracking all tournaments and making few quests. I did like 5 - 7 tournaments so far and have recived a invite for vassal from Rhodoks declinedwith all gold I'm investing on interpireses, my only goal is track tornaments and invest my money on interprises, simple like that.

how can i get rich quick

While don't have any tornament on like nowI'll hunt down all bandits near the area I'm, like tundra, desert, mountain, sea or forest bandits, whatever Loot stuff to my companies already find 7 and sell bandits as slaves to a little more income.

The key is look for tournament first, don't upgrade your units so soon before you had a good income, invest your money on interprises, and when you don't have anything to do just hunt bandits I don't advice you to follow any king on beginning, wars are costly units upgrade, upkeep, and replace is not the best way on very beginning of the game, but when you already had a good army, so is a very very good way to farm money Another tip is, have some companies with loot if you burn villages, but aim on less villages as possible, unless you don't seek to make your own kingdom, because every village raided will lack very much on reputation Also have companies with trade it's helps a little bit, and surgey the less units you lose, less gold on replacement, upgrades etc.

And never be without doing anything, if you don't have anything to do, hunt down bandits, start a war if you're strong enoughdo something

how can i get rich quick